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Admission and Progression Requirements, and all Program Requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. Please see the information below:


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Additional Resources for Students

Sociology New Major Advising 

Sociology does not have walk-in advising. When new orientation sessions become available, you must schedule an orientation to declare the major. Follow the link below, "How To Declare A Major In Sociology". CLAS (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), 2nd FL in Fretwell, will do advising for:

  • GEN ED (General Education) questions
  • Transient Study questions
  • Academic Policy

Please Note: CLAS advising will not advise regarding any topic, question, concern directly relating to the Sociology major. Please check with the CLAS Advising Center for their scheduled hours.

All existing Sociology Majors will schedule advising appointments through Starfish. If your advisor does not appear in your Starfish list, you will find your advisor listed on our People page where you will have the ability to send a direct email. 

In addition to our face-to-face major advising, we have provided resources and videos on our website. The videos will enable you the opportunity to have the course requirements explained by an experienced advisor. General questions, all non-academic questions, can be answered by the department staff. However, the staff is not authorized to provide academic advice.

Staff Will:

  • Assist you with catalog questions
  • Assist with CAPP Degree Evaluations
  • Clarify procedures
  • Help you navigate our website
  • Receive forms
  • Process the paperwork for the Sociology minor

How To Declare A Major In Sociology 

Frequently Requested Information: